August 29, 2015

WebWatcher Review

Are you thinking about buying WebWatcher, but your just not quite sure if it’s the right choice?  I hope this detailed review will help you decide.

Before we get into the details, here’s a link you may find useful..

•   Visit WebWatcher’s Official Website   

Ok, so what makes WebWatcher one of the most recognized parental control/monitoring software tools on the market?

Simple, you can record anything that happens on your children’s, spouses or employees computer and see it online from anyplace that you can access the Internet!

Webwatcher is unlike any other recording or monitoring software in the world which is why it already has millions of users.

Looking At The Redesigned Interface

Webwatcher has a brand new interface that allows you to easily access what you want with the click of your mouse.  Here’s a quick screenshot I took..

WebWatcher Screenshot

The new interface gives you the option to filter the recorded information by date and click on what you want to view whether it’s:

  • Email’s Sent and Received
  • Chats From Popular Clients Including FaceBook,
  • Instant Messages
  • Keystrokes Including Passwords
  • Websites Visited,
  • Searches Performed
  • Screenshots

You don’t even have to be at home to monitor the user’s activities,  you can watch them from anywhere by logging into your brower based control panel from anywhere you have an internet connection!

WebWatcher software was originally designed to meet the standards of international intelligence agencies, it was designed with law enforcement officials in mind so it’s completely invisible which makes it one of the leading spy and monitoring software programs to monitor your who and what is going on with your spouse, family, children or employees.

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Monitoring users is as simple as logging on to your online, secure account and clicking on what you want to view.  WebWatcher records information almost in real time and stores it to your online account, so you can see what is happening almost as soon as it happens.  And even better, you can print off any information recorded to show your family, spouse or employee for hardcore proof so there are no and, if’s or but’s:

  • Email Monitor – WebWatcher displays emails both sent and received along with the user name, date and time.
  • Instant Messages / Chat Recorder – Never has it been easier to see both sides of chat conversations and instant messages.  Also you will see which computer user, the date and time it took place and what client was used, such as FaceBook, Yahoo or AIM.
  • Keystroke Logger - With WebWatcher’s famous keystroke logger, you’ll never miss anything typed online or offline including passwords.  Although we don’t recommend it, you will be able to collect the user names and passwords of each computer user’s online accounts for anything.
  • Websites Recorder – WebWatcher is the master when it comes to recording data and it’s no different when you need to see what websites the user’s are visiting along with what day, time and how long they were there.  So they can’t tell you they accidentally found the website, but didn’t look around when you can see they were on the site for 4-5 minutes.
  • Searches Performed – Want to know what the user is searching for?  Not a problem.  WebWatcher will show you every search performed so you can see if what they are searching for is appropriate or not for your home or work environment.
  • Screenshots – This is a killer feature that shows you EXACTLY what the user sees on his or her screen.  The screenshots are triggered automatically when certain keywords are typed or displayed on a webpage, email..ect.  For example, let’s say that you want the keyword “sex” to trigger a screenshot.  All you do, is enter this keyword in the “keyword alert” box and then when the keyword is displayed, typed or seen anywhere, WebWatcher will take a screenshot of what the user is currently viewing and save it for you to view.
  • Programs – Finally, there is the programs.  Here you can see what programs the user accesses.  Maybe you have children that are not suppose to be chatting online or playing your violent video games.  With WebWatcher you can see all programs they access.

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But WebWatcher is more than just a monitoring software.  WebWatcher offers content filtering to ensure that your family or employees are safe while online and not accessing anything they shouldn’t be.

It can help your family or business by blocking content you feel is inappropriate and restricting time limits when users are able to access the Internet.

Also you can create “keyword alerts”.  So for example.. you can create a keyword alert for the word “chick” and everytime the word “chick” is mentioned in a online communication source, you will be notified via email!

We have been using WebWatcher for quite some time and it never fails to deliver the facts.  So whether you are suspicious about your spouses online behavior, just want to ensure that your family is safe online or want to monitor your employees, WebWatcher can do it all.

Do you know who your family or employees are talking to while on the Internet? Do they access FaceBook and chat with people they shouldn’t be?  With social sites such as FaceBook becoming so popular and offering opportunities for chat, it makes WebWatcher a great tool to get the truth.

Ready to learn more, buy or try out the online demo for free?  Visit Webwatcher Here..


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